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Thinking about bankruptcy ?

Are your debts out of control?

Are you getting phone calls and letters from your creditors or debt collectors?

Is bankruptcy your only way out?

We have the solution to your financial problems - one that will allow you to wake up tomorrow without having to face any more debt or threatening phone calls from debt collectors. Every year, 26 000 Australians choose voluntary bankruptcy to become debt free.

You may have tried everything to keep paying your debts, only to now find that your repayments are impossible to keep up with. Perhaps you are already behind on your payments and the phone calls from debt collectors are becoming too much? Every day is a struggle and all you want is to be rid of your debts.

Contact one of our bankruptcy experts and remove the stress of legal action, court appearances, sheriffs repossessing your assets or debt collectors calling and harassing you day and night. It is important to contact us before you are forced into bankruptcy by one of your creditors. You can always consider debt consolidation as a way out from financial dificulties.

What is bankruptcy ?

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding available to you when you are not able to repay your debts. Two main bankruptcy options are available: Debts can be restructured by implementing a debt agreement payment plan, or alternatively you have the option to remove your debts completely. In some instances consolidating loans may help to prevent bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on your financial situation and which option you take, declaring your bankruptcy will have some advantages as well as disadvantages. In one option your debts can be written off completely and you may lose some of your assets and face some travel and income restrictions. The second option will not involve all of these restrictions but you will have to repay some of the money owed to your creditors. In both cases it will be recorded on your credit file for 7 years.

How to declare bankruptcy.

First, obtain professional advice provided by our bankruptcy consultants. We will recommend the best option available to you according to your current financial circumstances. Our step by step solution will quickly remove your debts and improve your financial position.

Contact us now and clear your debts today!

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